The Process

Let’s talk about the process involved in creating a video.

Planning the Shoot

In this part of the process, we hold a meeting or possibly meetings to discuss your goals of the project. After the call, I’ll send you a recap of what we discussed with details in an email.

Scheduling the Shoot

After our initial meeting(s), I will understand the scope of our shoot well enough to schedule dates with you. I’ll send you a few options and once we’ve picked a dates I will handle booking the location if needed.

The Shoot

On shoot dates, I or my team and I will arrive 30-60 minutes early to ensure my equipment is assembled and our time together is fantastic. I recommend everyone involved in the video arrive a little early so we can shoot in a low-pressure environment.


Once we’ve finished the shoot I will upload the footage to my computer and work on it for the next 1 – 14 days depending on the delivery timeline you have chosen.

All videos will be color graded in Davinci Resolve, then the composition edited in Premiere Pro and any special effects or specialized editing added with After Effects & Photoshop.

Delivery of Final Footage

When the footage is done I will send it to you via a link to cloud storage with the various formats that fit you needs.